Class Location And Key Dates

Class Location:  Thim Lecture 003

Class Time:  MWF 2:40 - 3:45pm

Final Exam:   Tuesday, June 12, 2018    7:30-10:00pm

Your Teaching Staff

    Instructor:  Chris Parsa

     Office hours:  Thursday at 11am  in E2- 229

    TAs: Ehsam Hemmati And Pranav Venkata


01A    T 5:20PM-6:25PM            Phys Sciences 110
01B    W 4:00PM-5:05PM           Phys Sciences 110
01C    Th 01:30PM-02:35PM      Earth & Marine B210
01D    W 10:40AM-11:45PM      Phys Sciences 110